Wednesday, June 30, 2010

25 Minutes of Inspiration Foyer

Only took me 25 minutes of inspiration, some phantom hooks from WalMart,  2 old window frames, a mantel found at a flea market, my precious found objects and a tinsy bit of junk.

It was a blank space, I first secure the mantel with a hooks used to hang frames, these hooks don't need  a hammer and leave a tiny hole when removed.
I have to use pretty much hooks, bubble gum and banana peels on the walls- since I cannot' drill much on military housing.
The "table" base is an old iron sewing machine, -the steps are only one of the tools of the trade

This mantel was recovered and sold to me for only 40 dollars, windows where 10 a piece...
Details on the mantel...

Old post cards and photographs of the Swiss Alps.

small chest home is homefor  more old post cards..flower frogs from a flower shop in Hollywood California are used to hold photos.

Pearls, jute, wood, crystal..

I need to edit this pace just a little bit..
Some people call them santos, votos, but they are really called ex votos, these in smaller versions are pin to Saints clothes when miracles are grantted as a sign of the favors received and to thank the Saint.  I sell this for $9 plus shipping..


  1. Oh my gosh... beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I love old windows and I think the whole arrangement looks perfect.

    Hope your day is beautiful,

  2. i just loved the windows displayed atop the mantel.
    My mother just redid the windows in her 1930's home and threw out every old shabby window, HOW I WISHED I LIVED CLOSER to her so I could have saved those old windows to display in a manner like yours.

  3. Beautiful Display ~ Everything is Fabulous.... I am coveting the Ladies Head on the Spindle ~ Stunning!

  4. I found your blog on White Wednesday and you're 25 minutes of inspiration has inspired me! I love, love, love the whimsical bust on your mantle and I love the dress form too! You definitely have a knack for displaying things!

    Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July - I saw where you are in military housing. Please tell your husband thank you for all he does.


  5. What a great idea to use old spiky flower frogs to hold pictures!


  6. Well, my gosh...I love this. Those windows add so much WANT SOME !! :)
    XO bj