Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunburn Summer

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With the summer comes the pool season, I can't tell if is good or bad because as soon as the pool is warm enough my kids jump in and they surely  refuse to get out, so today they dragged to the pool right after breakfast. I can't complaint on their behaviour they were at their best,  they stayed so content for so long that I enjoyed the peace and quiet that i  couldn't notice my sunburned skin, as soon as I got our of the water and dry the pain hited me,  I mean sunburned like a boiled crab, my skin complexion is supossed to work in my advantage, I was born tanned! I knew that the ozone is depleting but c'mon.. well I guess we better bring 50 plus sun block the next time... Don't forget to hidrate... see ya soon

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  1. My son is in the military. He no longer lives in base housing. But he had his days. So I certainly understand how sterile they can be. You have done a wonderful job making your base housing a home!!