Friday, June 11, 2010

Junking and Treasures

This weeks show and tell, I score a huge Flour canister, perfect for my vintage kitchen, a tiny iron belly stove toy, I fell in love with this little stove because I had the little scale that compliments the set, I hope to find in the future some other pieces like the iron and such, another fav find was the electrical coffee maker, almost brand new, definetely in awesome condition, and a gilded chandelier.
This is my fisrttime joining some parties so I'm really exited to show you  another "lot" of stuff what I have score recently, since we are now stationed in the south I've been looking for southern stuff, I score big with this two iron banks, the super cute tools caddy, a plant stand and a tin red star.
I plan to use all this stuff so I gave to my children a piggy bank to start saving some coins and I plan to use the caddy on holding the catsup, mustard, salt, napkins and such, that will be a fun and easy way to keep it together when grilling.


  1. I love your header and how you describe your eclectic style:) Those are awesome finds...I too live in the SOuth and to find some of these rare collectibles is always fun. Thanks for sharing and linking up to my party. If you would be so kind to add my link...or my button that would be great...this is something that is common practice to participating in parties:) If you did multiples you should add them as well. Have a great weekend, and I would love to see you again!~:) Debbie

  2. You got some really good finds! Love the flour canister. Can't wait to see more!

  3. Great finds. I did not get out looking this weekend, so I am happy to see someone found great deals and cool stuff.