Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Military Base Housing

My home is simple and unpretencious, it's filled with objects that we love to watch and use, many of them found and rescued.
I only splunge on furniture because it needs to be sturdy, we've  moved so much and so very often to different climates that makes veneers are not an option
I only buy things that I love and thing s that I can use them in multiple tasks. We  try to be organic  so there is no plastics or sintetics fibers around... cotton, linen, wool  are also affordable.

Finding objects it's gratifiying and they make exeptional conversation pieces.

Nothing that a white and soft palete can't help,  the military policy on housing is when you move out it needs to be as steryl as you found it, meaning  white walls, vynil floors, hideous bathroom can't be modified, don't forget  blids stay put, so I have always to work around what I already have  . My home is definetely an example of the resourcesfulness of any army wife in one income household.
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  1. Your home is really lovely. The white couch, french style chair, your unique and wonderful accessories...all are fantastic.
    xo, Sherry

  2. You have such a beautiful home. Love all the white--very shabby chic

  3. I love your white sofa and coffee table!!
    My son is in the military and has a base house and everything is very white. I love it and could do so much with it but he really isn't into the whole "shabby chic" thing :))
    Come and visit me at my blog and see all of my whites!!
    Thanks for sharing..
    ~ Michella ~

  4. What a beautiful "home" you have! Love the white and everything you have done! Have a great weekend! ~Marcy

  5. I looove your comfy living room and I'm in awe of how young you are and that you've already found your decorating 'WAY', (it took me years), but the most wonderful thing is, that you know YOUR STYLE will go with you, where ever it is, that you call home!!! Bless you and your awesome hubby for all that he does for all of US! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  6. You have a wonderful sense of style and practicality. You have truly embraced your life circumstances with wit and creativity. Love the beautiful pics of your home! My daughter is an Air Force wife, so we can relate.

  7. Brings back memories as we are retired A.F.

  8. You have such a beautiful home. Love all the white--very shabby chic...........