Thursday, June 17, 2010

PICTURES Found, these goes to my brag book...

First Pics are from my table , pretty in Pink..
Ok I went crazy looking in my files for this pictures and I finally found them, let me tell you the story behind these pics,  I participate in the Petticoats and Parasols as a vendor  last April in Savannah, we spent the weekend  there, we came home and I went on a crazy frenzy trying to finish some projects at home, I  download these pics and store them I "lost" them in my hubby's computer, so I coulnd't blog  this event on time, today cleaning my files I found the pictures and let me tell you I enjoyed so much looking at them, so I'm not going to edit them I'm just gonna show them to you as I found them, and I will attempt to tell you what is what...

Back in The Day banners and decoration, lovely bakery and awesome ambience,I  enjoyed their great cupcakes so much that I took my kids next morning to find our that their cup cakes fly off very early in the morning, Cheryl is a great bakerhowever the most sweetest thing about her is her bubbly personality, I talked to her and her husband, you can tell they make a wonderful couple and team. I vote Back in the Day the best red velvet cupcakes in the world, in my opinion...Jo Packman was the host speaker for the event so I had the chance to meet her, she was chatting all afternoon with vendors and guests, let me tell you  she has some great anergy about her, very friendly very and down to earth, at the end of the event when everybody was picking up their wares she was right there offering a hand. I was really excited to meet her because she is the thread that unites so many creative women and she attends to so many events no matter where they are, she is truly inspirational
Her artist name is Dollybelle, gorgeous girl, really nice, great artist, beautiful blog

Amada was just across from my table, she is a awesome artist, here you can see her with a costumer at the event... her eye candy blog
Paper Goodies, I can't remeber the vendor name, need to do some research...and the very talented and lovely Cathy Scalise in pink fairy,  
The hostess who made it possible, the gorgeous Jennifer Hayslip, she was so gracious and hospitable, she is also a great artist in all she touches, thanks you Ms Jen!

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