Saturday, May 29, 2010

Savannah's Paris Market and Brocantes

One of my favorite displays of white dinerware,  crystal, and probably hotel silverware and many trays and tier stands on a farm table holding everything together. The smaller industrial table can be used as a bench as well.
 I have always wished for the apothecary beverage server with brass spingot.
 Great display on the back of  huge provencal baskets 


Hotel key/ messages holder cubicles, I can think of many ways to use this one.
Love love love this store, it's romantic, has great vignetes, and I absolutely adore the way they display botanicals and curiosities, a mix between romantic with a touch of masculinity

I like the idea of converting a basket into a cart with wheels, perfect for a table. great piece of conversation.

I went completely nuts downstairs, literally, my kids were misbehaving and trying to touch, my husband is no good at stores and I was in completely awe so see many goodies, I love apothecary  amber glass, the smell of old leather covered books, I'm a collector what can I say. This twig mirror is very appealling, upcycled  and I guess not difficult to make. Pew or bench gorgeous in person, big heavy and sturdy, however you need a big room to place it.
This corner was definetely very gothic, I'm still looking at the pictures for "orbs". The ones that appears on pics when spirits manifests, my kid in the other hand was having a blast playing with antiques, I don't recommend to bring your kids with you but in my case it was not up for discussion.

 I plan to post much more pictures of this store in the upcomming days


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! You will have a blast, but always remember to do this for you, then you'll never lose the joy! I love your pictures, that shop looks delicious!

  2. I visited this shop last year while vacationing in Savannah. Loved it! I could have spent hours in there but we had reservations at Paula Deen's restaurant. Welcome to blogging...glad I found you.

  3. thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving comments, I love to read comments!